Making Energy Structures Beautiful With Sculptural Solar Chargers

"A resilience center in the case of a hurricane or earthquake."


Totem, a New Smart Utility System for Tomorrow’s Smart Cities

“In a coming age of electric-powered automated vehicles, a grid of Totems can underpin a more sustainable transportation system."


Third Party Energy Resources Are The Future Of The Electric Grid

"Three examples of how distributed resources could provide more than one service include Sunverge’s Solar Integration System, Totem Power’s next generation utility pole, and electricity storage."


Totem Streetlight Poles to Combine Wireless with Power on City Streets

"The Totem could be used by retail malls and on university and corporate campuses, as well as along city streets."


Totem Power Unveils Solar, Storage, EV Charging Concept for Smart Cities

“Each tower is outfitted with a 5-killowatt solar array, which is the average size of a residential PV system in the US."


Solar-Powered Totem Streetlight Makes Cities Smarter, Cleaner, and Better Connected

“Totem could replace our ubiquitous streetlights to make clean, renewable energy available almost anywhere in the city."


Totem Power Unveils ‘Groundbreaking’ Design For Revolutionary Smart Cities

"A product that includes all these technologies in one attractive product."


New Smart City Platform Combines Multiple Critical Functionalities

“As a piece of smart city infrastructure, the primary advantage here lies in the distributed nature of the system.”


Totem Poles Bring Solar Power, Comms and Lighting to City Streets

"There is an elegance about the design, with a long pole that fans out into a tilted, circular set of petals at the top."


This Startup Combines Solar, Lighting, WiFi, Energy Storage, and EV charging into a Single Unit

"Totem Power's platform takes the concept of a utility pole to a whole new level."


Smart Power Gets A Re-Design Thanks to Totem

"Totem is a groundbreaking platform for people and businesses alike."


A Smart City Power Platform Blooms

"A vital part of that will be batteries like the ones housed in Totem’s towers. Batteries make solar energy generation more practical."


Totem’s Poles to Power Electric Car Charging in Smart Cities

"Totem Power’s electrified stanchions arrive just as the industry experts try to wrap their heads around what electrical systems will be needed to power the smart cities of the future."


Q+A: Totem CEO Brian Lakamp on the Need for a Smart City Platform

"The product's minimalist aesthetic is intended to accentuate urban landscapes, combining form and function in one elegant package."



Smart Street Lights a Key Platform for Smart City Infrastructure

"Cities can save on infrastructure costs through the integration of several applications within existing street light infrastructure, resulting in lower average project costs (per application) and additional valuable services being provided to its citizens."





How Totem Power Will Unify Smart City Tech

"We’re at that moment where ‘a better space bar on a typewriter’ only gets us so far. We need to take the quantum leap to the personal computer, bringing the typewriter, rolodex, calculator, calendar, dictionary and filing cabinet into a cohesive product."