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Modern Cellular for Commercial Real Estate


Totem is a cellular solution provider for enterprise customers and commercial real estate owners who understand the need for high-capacity, high-performance connectivity to serve employees, tenants and visitors. High-performance cellular is now a requirement for commercial properties, as workplace trends have embraced “bring your own device”, as expectations around ubiquitous connectivity have skyrocketed, and as data rates have exploded.

In fact, the majority of large-scale property owners now consider indoor cellular to be the 4th utility. It’s a critical requirement for properties as would-be tenants evaluate spaces with cell phone in hand to monitor signal strength. In fact, cellular may be the most important as the expected means to address any issues with the other utilities.

Totem provides in-building small cell solutions and manages the process end-to-end for our customers making it a seamless, affordable process. Totem handles the initial facility assessment, system design, integration, installation, activation and support, including cloud software for status and performance monitoring. Totem also develops next generation outdoor infrastructure to house small cells.



Totem deploys high-performance, high-capacity indoor small cell solutions designed for modern commercial spaces. With industry-leading performance, high energy-efficiency, easy installation (compared to traditional solutions), low cost and a simple software upgrade to 5G when available, Totem delivers a cutting-edge solution for enterprise that meets the challenges of today without sacrificing the future.

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Totem also develops outdoor small cell solutions, designed to meet the needs of a dynamic, modern world. Totem’s outdoor infrastructure brings norms of the data center, including resilience and upgradeability, to a compact, beautiful and powerful form for the curb. Even better, no jackhammer / forklift upgrades are required as technology evolves.

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