Totem is developing a modern and extensible small cell tower with a standard, data center server rack config designed for the built environment.

Totem supports multi-tenant cellular operation, with integrated energy storage for resilient operation in any environment. Designed for customization in today’s world, Totem supports configuration options that include street lighting, solar, IoT sensors, security cameras, and information services.


Totem achieves its flexibility by leveraging data center concepts. Totem has designed industry-leading infrastructure that embraces the standardization of the data center and delivers on accepted norms around reliable power, connectivity, security and monitoring.


Beautifully designed and highly resilient structure with a range of customization options.

Min 100A / 240 VAC backbone with active load management and battery backup for critical apps.

LTE/5G small cell management with fiber back-haul.

Per compartment thermal management to keep equipment within operating ranges.

Built-in sensors to monitor physical access and internal SDN for network isolation.

24/7 monitoring for all applications.



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