In partnership with Ericsson, Totem deploys Ericsson’s Radio Dot System (aka RDS or “Dot”) to deliver high-performance in-building cellular systems required in modern commercial spaces. Totem’s deploys systems that support the major operators including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Totem works with its commercial partners to design systems uniquely catered to their facilities and needs, and then to install, activate and support these systems.

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Ericsson’s RDS system is designed for today’s, dynamic needs. It is beautifully designed, energy efficient, and leverages existing IT pathways for cabling, with minimal rackspace footprint. RDS offers a simple deployment profile that is extremely cost effective to install, can be deployed rapidly, and is highly flexible in deployment options.


As a small cell solution, RDS offers industry leading capacity on existing 4G networks, but is “5G ready”, designed to be software upgraded to 5G on deployed frequencies without need for additional hardware. RDS offers the best solution today, without sacrificing performance tomorrow.

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