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EV Charging Installation: A Branding Perspective

Guest post submitted by Greg Geilman, Managing Director of the Domo Group
There has been a lot of talk lately about electric vehicle charging stations for homes and businesses. But many businesses wonder why they should add one of these. After all, there isn't yet an abundance of electric vehicles on the road today, and most owners of these vehicles do not necessarily expect companies to have charging stations. But there are some valid reasons for a company with a commercial building or other space to offer an EV charging installation. One of the main reasons is branding (especially in the long term), and what that can offer for the company and its customers.

How an EV Charging Station Helps Customers

With an EV charging station, customers who have electric cars can charge them up while they are shopping at a particular business or using another type of commercial space. That means these customers may shop longer and buy more. It also means that customers will remember that particular company, and the charging station there for them, which could lead them to come back more often. This could also lead customers to tell others about the electric car station, bringing more people there to charge their cars and potentially make purchases from the business.

Your Business Should Be Forward Thinking

When a company adds an EV charging station, it shows that it is being a forward thinking business that understands how the world is changing. Customers can and do recognize that in many cases, and they will take note of businesses that focus on moving forward. Even if the company doesn't always have what a customer wants, that company will still be remembered as one that is working to make sure customers get value from their business. By being a forward thinking business, a company can brand itself in a way that customers with or without electric vehicles can respect. Consciously or unconsciously, early adopters of this technology get segmented into a customer's mind as a business that isn't stuck in the past.

Standing Out Matters

A business typically wants or needs to stand out in some way. Companies that offer amenities that others don't get noticed. If your company needs to get noticed, and if your company is one that focuses on the value of forward thinking and what it offers to customers, an EV charging installation can be just the right thing to move to the next level. Electric vehicles are top of mind for many consumers worldwide, and many notice charging stations as they pop up around them.

It's strange the impact a few relatively small changes can make. By adding in a few electric car charging parking spots, businesses can plan for the future and earn trust with consumers in the short term. As the environment becomes even more of a concern for the average person, those who go the extra mile to help these efforts will be rewarded.

Greg Geilman is a Los Angeles native of over 40 years and owner of the Domo Group